Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Beef Threatens Our Planet

Most people have heard about global warming , but did you know that beef is one of the top three threats facing the entire planet according to a report by the United Nations. Cows emit a staggering 18 percent of the words greenhouse gases.

Cows burp about once every 40 seconds and when you combine that with what comes out the back end the average cow pumps out about 100 gallons of methane a day. methane is a far more potent greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide.

The cattle population has hit 1.5 billion and to add insult to injury the forest we count on to help protect us from green house gases are being cleared to grow cattle feed.

The Australians are getting serious about this, there have been calls for a carbon tax on cows and red meat. Angry ranchers have protested calling it a " flatulence tax. "

According to a report by Cranfield University in England, chicken has the smallest carbon footprint of all the meats. So not only can you help save the planet you might live a little longer since beef loves to clog up your arteries.

Life is about choices so choose wisely !

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