Monday, July 21, 2008

Change things up and get results !

If you have been training for at least a couple of months you may have noticed your progress has come to a grinding halt. This is due to your body has now adapted to your work out routine.

When this happens the answer it not to increase the weight you lift, but to change up your routine. Lets say your work out includes 3 sets for chest this day, most people always start off with bench presses. Instead start with incline or decline presses using either a barbell or dumbbells, then switch the next two exercises that you would usually do that day. Mix them up and shock your muscles !

Changing up your routine every couple of months will keep your body from adapting and stopping your muscle and strenght gains. I see people all the time in the gym doing the same routine year after year looking no better, and sometimes even worse then when they started working out.

If you are working out a body part twice in a week never go heavy on both workouts. First part of the week go heavy, second work out go light and do a higher rep routine.

Every muscle in your body is made up of a bundle of small fibers. In each bundle, you have two main types of fibers, slow twitch, and fast twitch. When you're training with weights, your goal is to work as many muscle fibers as possible.

If you find you have a hard time gaining size in a particular muscle, it could be because it has a predominance of slow twitch muscle fibers. Doing higher reps, higher volume, and shorter rest periods (30 seconds between sets) can help you to maximize those muscles.

Always strive to use weights that are as heavy as possible that will cause you to reach failure in those higher rep ranges. If you don't use heavy weights, you won't give your muscles a reason to grow.

Don't forget its all about Form - see my blog Biggest Workout Mistake

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