Saturday, July 19, 2008

Loose Fat Gain Lean Muscle

Every time i go to the gym 95% of the people working out are all making the same mistake. They just swing the weights from point A to B, or their bouncing the weight off their chest in order to lift more weight.

The biggest misconception is that motion or movement translates into muscle definition and true strenght. Year after year i see the same people working out not looking much different then when they first started, sometimes they look worse.

Don't get me wrong you will see some progress doing this at first,but you will never build any true muscle definition or strenght. Doesn't it make sense if you are going to workout to get the most results you can in the time you are there ?.

Never ever Swing or bounce the weight, ask someone to help you, this is called asking for a spot. When you have someone spot you, you are doing forced reps to take the muscle past failure. It is very dangerous to get into the habit of swinging or bouncing the weight because as you try to lift heaver weights sooner or later you will pull or rip a muscle.

When you work out with weights you need to be in control of the weight from start to finish, next time you do dumbbell curls look at your bicep as you curl the weight upward making sure your elbow is stationary. The best way to learn this technique is to use a preacher curl bench, or an incline bench to support your arm when using dumbbells.

You will notice a few things when doing this, one that you actually can feel the bicep as its working, and a burning sensation in the bicep as its breaking down. Next you will notice you wont be able to lift as much weight as you did before. Congratulations you have just reached muscle failure.

No matter what body part you are working always concentrate on form, without form you are just wasting valuable time.

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