Monday, August 4, 2008

Bad Carbohydrates effect Your Eyesight

Not only are bad carbohydrates ( simple carbohydrates ) bad for your waist line, but research says that they are bad for your eyes.

Eating a healthy diet may be the most practical and cost effective prevention method to combat progression of age-related macular degeneration. In older adults Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) is one of the primary causes of vision loss.

The quality of the carbohydrates consumed must be of primary concern rather than the quantity. By eating a lot of sugary products such as white breads, soda,certain cereals,and other foods that are high glycemic, you run the risk of developing diabetes. Which has been shown to increase the risk of developing cataracts and glaucoma due to poor blood circulation.

People who ate high glycemic diets were 17% more likely to develop age related macular degeneration according to the USDA.

Since the eyes need more oxygen and nutrients than any other part of the body except the brain, any reduction in supply can result in damage and disease.

Eating complex carbohydrates can help you lower your blood sugar level and keep it at an even level.

Complex carbs are carbohydrates that do not immediately break down to glucose, the fuel that your body uses for metabolic processes.

These carbs break down to more complex sugars, which then reduce to glucose over a stretch of time.

The result is a time-release system for glucose.

Complex carbohydrates, or polysaccharides, are made mostly of long strands of simple sugars. They are found in grains, fruits,potatoes, legumes,peas, and beans, and other vegetables. Complex carbohydrates include three types of dietary fiber,cellulose, hemicellulose and gums,and starches.

Eating foods high in fiber has been found to reduce symptoms of chronic constipation, diverticular disease and some types of irritable bowel, it has been
suggested that diets low in fiber may increase the risk of developing colon cancer.

As usual everything in life is about choices. The choices you make today will effect you tomorrow.

Choose wisely !

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Hummm... I didn't know that about the eyes. More good info, Thanks