Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Plan For Your Future Health Today

People rarely have a plan for their future health, its no wonder why we are such an obese society. With health care becoming more of a luxury item, you would think people would take a more pro active approach to their health.

Most people plan for education, jobs, and money. So i decided to do a little survey and i posted a question the other day on a blog site asking, Do you think about getting old ?, And at what age do you think about your future health ?.

I was not surprised that most of the answers were so negative, and lacked no plan at all.

Here are a few responses.

I'm getting old every moment. What can I do about that?

I don't think too much about my age right now but I am coming to a
point where I watch my parents'. It scares me.

I'll never have to work a day past 30, so the later years of my life
will be VERY fun.

Sometimes. Life just seems like one long day though. The next blink it
is over. It goes by faster than they drive here in New York. That is
pretty fast.

It's happening, whether I think about it or not...

I don't think about it too much. I'd much rather enjoy my youth while
it is here. :)

You never know if you will even get old so seize the day and enjoy -
that's what I say. I like my wrinkles - I earned them!

It is very clear that people live for the moment, not for the future. I see this happening every day, people buying houses and cars that they clearly cant afford.

Material things are replaceable, you can loose it all today and get it all back. But when it comes to your future health, can you clearly afford not to plan for it ?.

How to plan for your future health:

First take a hard look at what you are eating each and every day, see if your diet constantly consist of any of the following, soda, junk food, fast foods,saturated fats, alcohol.

Consuming any of theses on a daily basis will seriously put a damper on your future health. Its the little things you do each and every day that compound over a period of time, eventually leading to you poor health.

Lets use cigarettes as an example. If you smoke every once in a while no big deal, smoke every day for years you will most likely end up with some form of cancer or lung damage.

Well its no different with the foods you eat, high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, clogged arteries, liver damage, obesity just to name a few.

Your future health is in your hands, choose wisely 1

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