Friday, October 31, 2008

Is Super Slow Training For You?

Every time you turn around someone is touting another better way to stay in shape, and super slow training is one of those ways.

How slow do you go?

The basic principal here is to lift the weight you are using for a certain exercise slowly, anywhere from 10-20 seconds per set.

The goal is to fatigue the muscle with one set and not use momentum, or swing the weight.

Moving slowly reduces the risk of injury and fatigues a greater number of muscle fibers than lifting as a faster pace.

Some people say this is a very boring way to workout, and does little to promote a higher level of fitness.

Others say it is the only way to workout to build greater strength.

So a study was done to test the theory of which is a better way to workout, super slow, or traditional resistance training.

One group trained for 8 weeks doing the super slow method, doing 4-6 reps taking 14 seconds to complete each rep (10 seconds lifting, and 4 seconds lowering).

The other group also trained for 8 weeks doing a traditional method 8-12 reps, taking 6 seconds to complete each rep (2 seconds lifting 4 seconds lowering).

The results showed that the super slow trainers gained more strength than the traditional training method.

So you may be thinking that the super slow method is the best way to work out?

Well you may want to think twice, depending on your intended fitness goal.

A second study showed that metabolic and cardiovascular stimuli were low with super slow training. Simply meaning that they burned far fewer calories and did little for increasing stamina, and endurance.

If your only goal is to get stronger super slow training will help take you to that next level, if you are looking to build lean muscle and burn that excess body fat than the traditional method of training works best.

If you truly want to be a well-rounded fitness wise it is best to incorporate different styles of working out every once in a while to keep you body from adapting, and progress coming to a halt.

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