Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Toxic Pollen is making people sick

New super pollen spurred by global warming has raised hay fever rates by 200 % affecting people who never had allergies before.

Do you suffer from allergies?

The weather is getting nice and the windows are open all the time, but instead of getting some fresh air were getting high doses of pollen. This is causing many people to suffer constantly from allergies.

Rising temperatures and carbon dioxide levels are causing plants to produce more potent pollen in greater amounts.

The pollen is so loaded with allergy causing proteins that experts have labeled it toxic.

So here are a few tips to combat toxic pollen:

Allergens can trigger a mucus-producing response in the nose, which traps inhaled pollen and creates more symptoms.

One simple solution is to rinse your nasal passages with salt water, and reducing your allergic response by 40%.

You will need a Neti Pot, and kosher salt. You can purchase this at most stores, or at your local health food store.

Mix ¼ teaspoon of kosher salt in a cup of warm water and put into the Neti pot.

Stand over the sink and tilt your head to the side keeping your forehead higher than your chin. Put the Neti Pot in your upper nostril and pour the solution in until it drains out the other side. When half the liquid is gone repeat on the other side.

Yogurt can alleviate allergy symptoms by 70% due to its probiotic bacteria. Probiotics boost your body’s inflammatory chemicals that ease allergy symptoms.

To benefit from this you must eat at least one serving daily.

Nasal strips are also great in relieving congestion and improving airflow by 30%, plus you get the added bonus of reduced snoring.

The last resort is to keep your windows closed, and the air conditioning on and install a HEPA air filter to keep the air clean.

HEPA filters remove 99.97% of all particles such as pollen, and dust that passes through the filter.

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