Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The News Year’s resolution

Three basic steps you must follow to make your new years resolution become a reality, without them you will most likely be saying the same thing next year.

What is your resolution?

Its that time of year again where most people make promises that they will never keep, simply because they don’t follow the three basic steps.

It always amazes me why anyone has to wait till new years to evaluate his or her life and say this year I will do something. For most people their resolution is about loosing weight, or getting into shape.

But regardless of what your resolution is there are three basic steps you must follow, without them you will end up in an endless loop year after year.

So what makes this year any different then 6 months ago, or even last year?

Not a dam thing, for the majority of people the new years resolution is nothing more than a wish list. They start off with all the right intentions, but sadly another year goes by.

Others dust off their gym memberships and head back to the gym with good intent only to fall right back into the vast hole they call life.

So why is it that the new years resolutions is just empty words?

Why can’t people seem to fulfill these promises?

This is simply because a promises is nothing more than words if you don’t have an action plan.

People make promises every day.

I promise to pick something up.
I promise to clean the house.
I promise I wont lie.
I promise?

How many promises have you broken?

A promise is nothing more than a goal with a time limit.

There are short and long term goals, and without the three basic steps you most likely will fall far short of reaching them.

The three basic steps are as followed:

Step 1:

Acknowledge that an action needs to be taken; this is a very easy thing that most people do on a daily basis. I hear people all the time say they promise, I will, or I want to do something. But that’s about as far as it goes for most, simply because it’s the easy part.

Things like:

I want to get into shape.
I want to loose weight.
I want to make more money.
I want my own business

I think wanting something is an American tradition, you will be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t want something.

And there is nothing wrong with wanting something. But unless you create an action plan to obtain it you are simply making a wish list.

The say talk is cheap; this is because it requires little effort or action!

Saying you will do something is a good start, at least you acknowledge that an action needs to be taken. Most people will go through life saying why me, I have bad luck, it wasn’t meant to be.

Really? Or maybe you didn’t have a clear-cut plan on how you would accomplish your goals so your actions and words were truly meaningless.

Simply empty promises?

Step 2:

An action plan: Without one your words will most likely fade into the wind. You might be saying to yourself right now that you have a plan on how you will do something, and that is a great start. But unless you turn it into an action plan it is nothing more than a plan.

Most people make plans on a regular basis, they

Plan to go on a trip
Plan to buy a new car
Plan to go to the movies

These things require only a few steps to complete them, and are simple daily plans.

How many times have you said to yourself, I will do it tomorrow?

There is a big difference between a plan, and an action plan!

Ever started a project only to never finish it?

This is the end result of a plan without action!

You can get away with this for most simple daily plans, but for any major plan that will truly shape your life you must have a clear-cut action plan.

An action plan is a detailed daily, weekly, monthly, yearly step-by-step plan on how you will accomplish the goal at hand. Some of you right now are probably saying yearly, what the fu___k.

I know most people are used to living in our microwave society, expecting everything to happen instantly. But I hate to break it to you some things in life you have to work for!

Forget all this crap about getting rich quick, or loosing weight fast. You may have noticed that people who do end up broke, or heavier than when they started.

Without a clear-cut action plan you will never build a solid foundation to obtain your goal, or have it last. You need to set specific times and days that you will work towards your goal.

Step 3:

This is where most people go wrong; they do the first two steps but lack the most important ingredient.

Desire, without it all is lost.

People will desire:

A person
An Object

They will do what ever they have to obtain something they desire. It is a driving force that knows no excuses, and has no limitations.

Think about the last time you really desired something; you wanted it so bad you could taste it. Nothing would stand in your way to get it.

Imagine what you could accomplish if you applied that same desire to your new years resolution?

Anyone who has every turned there life around did it because they had a desire to do so.

Amazing weight loss stories happen because of desire.

Rags to riches happen because of desire.

Desire turns dreams into reality!

Isn’t it time you started to add some desire into you new years resolution?

Follow the three steps and have a save and happy New Year.


Anonymous said...

My New Year's Resolution is to stick to eating more raw foods and not processed food. Foods high in antioxidants. And get more excercise! :)

timethief said...

I like this post. Resolutions are promises we make to our "self". And you are rightt - desire is the driver that we need in order to follow though with the promises we make to our "self".

Kiefers Corner said...

Thanks Timethief, desire is a very powerful motive.