Sunday, July 6, 2008

Heavy metals in your body ?

You may have heard the term all ready heavy metals in your body, or heavy metal poisoning. Specifically Mercury, it is the second most toxic substance on the planet and minuscule amounts can do a great deal of damage.

The most common signs of mercury damage is in the immune system symptoms. Adrenal or thyroid symptoms, psychiatric symptoms, and intestinal symptoms. joint pains, depression, fatigue. Mercury can cause practically any disease you can think of and hundreds of thousands of people are being medicated for many different diseases, when they are actually toxic from mercury.

If you are now asking yourself how can i have heavy metals in my body ? The number one cause is fish and seafood the very thing we are supposed to eat to be healthy and get good omega-3s. And to make matters worse for the people who are budget minded, Tuna fish is the worst offender with the highest doses.

I was shocked to find out at my weight of 225 i can only eat less than three cans a week or exceed the safely allowed Mercury intake for my body according to the FDA.

That's if you really want to consider putting any Mercury in your body to be a safe thing, now there are plenty of products on the market that claim to detox your body of heavy metals. Most of them are are not that cheap. My next blog will be on a natural cleansing know as Chelation therapy, stay tuned.

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