Sunday, July 27, 2008

Life Is About Choices

Most of my life all i ever heard was you have to invest in your future. And for most of us this is all we focus on, working endless hours making money to put away for our golden years, as some like to call it.

Well as i look around at the people entering into the golden years, the picture doesn't look so rosy. The majority are overweight can barely walk, and complain about all the aches and pains they have. If this is the golden years you can leave me out !

And to be quite honest when i look around at people in their late 40's and 50's they fit that description now, odds are they wont see the golden years. If i ask them why they don't change their lifestyle the usual response is well, you only live once.

This is the point exactly, you only live once and you have only one body to do it with. So why the hell would you constantly abuse it, and not consider maintaining it to keep it running its best. Most people spend more time and effort detailing and maintaining their cars then their overall health.

They say that the majority of people are only one sickness away from loosing it all, the leading cause of bankruptcy is medical bills. I have heard story's of rich people saying they would give up everything if they could only be healthy again.

Most people when they are young don't even think about the future, and i have to admit it i didn't either. When i was young i thought i would never get to be this age, i guess it was due to looking at the people around me and the condition they were in physically and thinking that i never wanted to look that way.

When you are young you can get away with a lot, drinking, smoking, and late nights parties for the most part. But when you reach a certain age, this is usually around 25 your body starts to change in many ways. And this is mainly due to muscle loss and hormonal changes in your body. I have seen women start looking like men, and men start acting like women.

If you have a problem getting motivated for eating a healthy diet, and doing a regular weekly exercise plan. Go visit a nursing home and see your possible future.

Do yourself a favor and take an honest evaluation of yourself today ?. What do you want to look like, and be able to do in the future ?. Would it bother you that you might not be able to feed, bathe,or wipe your own ass. I have witness this with a family member and i can tell you that it is a humbling experience.

I have always had the mindset that nothing gets in the way of my gym time, not money or sex. Yes, you heard me right not even sex. I live by the no excuse attitude. Once you start excepting excuses to miss a work out the next thing you know you wont ever be working out at all.

It's the little decisions that you make each and every day, compounded daily that will change your destiny forever.

Choose wisely, and start investing in your future today !

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