Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Low carbohydrate Diet

This has got to be one of the most confusing topics to most people, carbohydrates.

Low carb diets seem to be the hot topic to loose weight, and its true if you lower your carbohydrate intake you will loose weight. But at what cost ?

When you consume to few carbohydrates, some of the protein you eat is converted to fuel for energy and taken away from building and repairing your muscles. And it can get even worse for your body, instead of being in a anabolic state you will end up being in a catabolic state, loosing muscle.

The end result is you have lost weight, but have scraficed a good deal of lean muscle that is necessary for you future health.

This is one reason most people shutter when they here the word diet. It usually refers to limiting yourself of something, and even though it works for the short term. The reason these diets always comes back full circle is eventually you will need to eat this food group again.

Especially if you want to possibly have a active lifestyle after you loose that weight, and if you want to build some lean muscle well read further.

Protein and fat alone cannot provide you with the nutrients you need for good health!

A balanced healthy diet is the only way to go for the long term.

I personally eat 40 % of my diet from Carbohydrates, each person will have to evaluate their lifestyle, exercise demands, and metabolism ,to determine what works best for them.

Symptoms of to low of a carbohydrate intake

A condition called hypoglycemia, which is brought about by a lack of sugar in the blood stream. The symptoms include:

Heavy legs
Severe Lethargy and Fatigue

Weight training with high levels of intensity requires glucose, the technical term for sugar. This basic energy source enables each muscle to contract and push heavy weights that you need to stimulate growth.

Carbohydrates also boost the output of an anabolic hormone called insulin, which then activates your body ability to collect glucose from what you eat. Combining it together into muscle glycogen, insulin also increases your muscles ability to absorb the amino acids found in protein that you consume.

There are two types of carbohydrates complex, and simple.

Bad carbs (simple) are high glycemic. Good carbs (complex) are low glycemic.

The term "glycemic" refers to the amount and speed a food will raise your blood sugar and insulin levels (which can lead to fat gain).

Bad carbs - are foods like white bread, white rice, pasta and all typical junk food high in sugar. pastries, sugar-sweetened soft drinks, candy, cookies, greasy chips and most processed, packaged snack foods. These foods contain too many calories while offering little or no nutritional value.

Good carbs - on the other hand are foods such as oatmeal, whole wheat bread, brown rice, and other whole grains, nuts, seeds, legumes, fruits and vegetables.

The only time you want to eat simple carbs if you want to stay lean and still build some muscle is before, and right after you work out.

If you are looking to build muscle ?. Comsuming simple carbs before your work out will give you an insulin spike that will give you that extra energy to work out much harder.

After you work out your muscles will be searching for carbohydrates for energy due to the extreme demands you have just put on them. Supplying simple carbs will again spike your insulin levels helping your muscles to create a tissue building environment.

Simple carbs to eat before and after your workout are - Potatoes, white rice, jams, honey they quickly break down into sugar.

Or you can do the old fashioned remedy if you don't have time to eat, 1 glass of mountain dew, high in sugar and carbs. I drink half before going in to the gym ,and the other half just before i leave. But only due this if you are going full out in the gym.

Doing this little trick will make major changes in you muscle definition and size.

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