Thursday, July 24, 2008

Protein - How Much Is To Much ?

I was doing some research on my next blog and i came across this article saying that to much protein is bad for you, especially animal proteins.

So lets see if we can clear some of this up !

Well to much of anything good is bad for you, the Sun, Water , exercise , sex . Well let me get back to you on the sex part LOL.

Proteins are made up of amino acids, and help build muscles, blood, skin, hair, nails, and internal organs. There are twenty amino acids required for growth by the human body, and all but eight can be produced in an adult body.

These eight amino acids are called essential amino acids and must be supplied by the foods we eat.

The Essential 8 Amino Acids

Lysine - Leucine - Histidine - Isoleucine - Methionine - Phenylalanine - Threonine Valine

I'm 50 yrs old and have been consuming between 200 - 250 grams of protein on average for 15 years. I'm in better shape then most people half my age, I don't get sick and have endless energy. So much for protein being bad for you LOL

All this from a diet consisting of eating mostly animal proteins, and protein drinks, by the way eggs are considered an animal protein.

As for the amount of protein a person should consume this will vary on the body they are looking to obtain, and the lifestyle they lead . This is why not one diet or exercise program fits all.

The most important time to consume whey protein is within one hour after your workout to stimulate muscle growth. This can be done by either taking Amino acids in liquid form, or a protein drink.

If your goal is to add lean muscle mass to your frame, the only way to do this is to put your body through intense exercise with weights. And if you don't increase your protein intake to at least 1 gram per pound of body weight ( if you want to be 200 lbs take in 200 grams of protein a day ) your body may become catabolic, this is a state of muscle wasting where the body uses lean muscle to make glucose for energy.

Protein also is a key ingredient when it comes to speeding up your metabolic rate

This is one main reason most people quit their new workout plan because they don't see results, get discouraged and quit !

Yes someone could survive and maintain a healthy lifestyle without eating animal protein, so why are the animals here ? Decoration ?

Everything on this planet is here by design, and every living thing survives off some other species, must be why they call it the food chain. Its unfortunate but true.

How much protein is to much ?

A diet that is too high in protein makes you tired. Protein takes a long time to digest about four to six hours, versus one half to four hours to digest and burn up carbohydrates. The wrong proteins in your diet can lead to high cholesterol, many foods that are high in protein like beef are also high in the artery-clogging saturated fat and/or cholesterol. This is why you only eat lean beef !

High-protein diets may also put a strain on your kidneys and liver, as these two organs are responsible for breaking down protein and then excreting the excess nitrogen that is created from the protein.

High-protein diets are generally well tolerated by healthy adults. But a dramatic increase in protein-rich foods may be dangerous for people with liver or kidney disease because they lack the ability to get rid of the waste products of protein metabolism.

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