Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Steroids and Growth Hormones

Sooner or later if you work out you will most likely think about steroids,or growth Hormones. This usually occurs when you don't see any results in the gym,or you end up working out next to someone that you feel you want to emulate.

The thought of a fantastic body with great strenght with very little effort on ones part is very tempting for most people to ignore. But unfortunately a lot of people don't look at the whole picture before they embark on their quest.

So let me tell you about a lesson i learned when i first started working out. I was fortunate enough to have joined a gym that was commonly referred to as a hole in the wall gym. This is a literal statement as there were many holes in the walls of the gym due to excessive testosterone in the people who exercised there.

A number of the people who worked out there were big time body builders winning national contest, also being paid to endorse body building supplements featured in magazines. I'm sure you have seen them with a picture of this huge ripped guy. They used to say in the advertisement that they used the product that they were endorsing to get that body.

I can tell you for a fact that these guys never used the product that they endorsed, more importantly they used all types of steroids and growth hormones. And since steroids become and addiction, most keep increasing the dosage to try to get more results ending up with some serious medical problems.

Today they just insinuate that they use the product their endorsing, you may have noticed that most products have a disclaimer saying that in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise plan you should see results, no shit !

Did you ever look at some of the old time bodybuilders ?. You wonder if they ever worked out when you see them today, i wonder why that is ?

Just look at Stalone if you want to see what growth hormones due to you. If you are a fan of the older Rocky movies like i am and look at him today, it should make you think twice. Hell just look at triple H of the WWE, they both have fore heads that look like throwbacks from the stone ages.

So the choices are simple, if you take steroids and stop taking them you will loose most of what you attained in size and strenght. This to me is very futile especially when you look at the medical problems you could face in the future.

Why not work out the right way and earn that body naturally and keep what you have for all time, and stay healthy doing it ?

P.S. you will never see anyone in the UFC that huge winning any fights LOL

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