Saturday, August 16, 2008

If Your Spouse Gained Weight Would It Bother You ?

A recent survey i found said that couples tend to share similar body fat levels when they meet, and are likely to stay that way over the years. If one gains weight so does the other, also the study showed that if one partner improved their habits the other may follow suit.

But here is the real problem i have seen over the years with couples and weight loss. If only one person is trying to change their eating habits and get into shape without their partner participating, it can end in a disaster.

Lets look at two different couples that i personally know and the end result when only one person is trying to eat healthy and loose weight.

Couple # 1:

When they first met they both had similar body types, both were in good shape but over the course of 2 years she gained a considerable amount of weight. The husband who was very fit gained some extra pounds also, but no where near her weight gain.

So the husband requested that she work on loosing some weight since her weight gain has now effected their sex lives. Since she could no longer wear the clothes she used to she agreed to take action and start eating right, and working out.

She started out with all the right intentions, joined a gym and started to change her eating habits. But her husband kept eating the way he became used to, a unhealthy diet. While she was eating a healthy snack her husband was munching on a bag of potato chips, with a glass of soda.

Well it wasn't long that the arguments started about him eating in front of her, keeping the unhealthy foods she craves in the house and not supporting her. After all the dust settled she went back to her unhealthy ways and gained even more weight.

But now the relationship is worse off due to all the fighting that ensued. Even though he still loves her, he is now considering cheating.

Couple # 2:

This couple were both on the chunky side when they first got married, and they both gained a considerable amount of weight with in a few years. But this time the husband never said a word, he just stopped having sex with her and started spending all his time viewing what the Internet is famous for.

Well she decided on here own that she needed to loose weight. With the help of my wife she did, and a lot of it. She started to get compliments from people at work and started feeling pretty good about her self.

Then to our surprise she announced that she had an affair and was considering getting a divorce from her husband. Wow, a total turn of events. What started out as her trying to get some attention from her husband, ended up with her taking a good look at him an deciding she wanted someone that would fit her new look.

I can tell you from being married 33 years that to have a healthy relationship a couple needs to be one the same page in all aspects of their relationship. And the number one cause for someone to cheat is they have lost sexual interest in their spouse.

So Here are a few tips so you can both live healthfully ever after.

Bond over breakfast together, study show that breakfast eaters are less likely to be over weight. This is because it is the most important meal of the day when it comes to loosing weight, and its hard to argue over the choices. Just take it easy on the bacon LOL.

Buy groceries for a shared meal that you can personalize to your own likes. When it comes to snacks slowly remove the unhealthy choices from your shopping list. It is very hard to go cold turkey in your eating habits make gradual changes to avoid fighting.

Prepare portions for dinner, slowly cut back on the amount you eat. It will save your waist line, and your pocket book. Its the extra calories that make you overweight.

Have a cheat meal day, something to look forward to do together. We Have pizza on Sundays and my wife gets her half her way, and i get mine the way i like. Pretty soon you start looking forward to this day together.

So i ask the question, would it bother you if your spouse gained weight ?

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