Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The 12 Basic Rules Of Working Out

Each individual is different, thus not every system of training works for everyone. The combination of speed, intensity, and duration will dictate the outcome.

How do you train?

I haven’t really written much about working out because I thought that there was plenty of information out there over the years that covered that subject.

But to my surprise while searching the web there is some new stupidity being touted about working out. Nothing bothers me more when I see someone giving training advice that one workout works for all.

That’s like saying one diet works for all. If this were the case the debate about nutrition would have been over years ago.

Depending on your Physical condition, diet, work schedule, and results you are looking to obtain will dictate how you proceed. Each person’s unique physiological makeup will determine the type of program best suited for his or her needs.

The 12 basics rules of lifting weights:

1. Always stretch and do a warm up light set before you start your lifting program. This will get your blood pumping and helps prevent muscle soreness, and injury.

2. Never do the same routine twice in a row, instead of starting with the bench press start with incline or decline press.

3. Alternate your rep range every three weeks, if you have been doing a 4to 6 rep range, change to 8to 12.

4. Increase or decrease your pace every 3 weeks, if your rest periods are 2-minutes between sets, change to 30 seconds between sets use a lighter weight if needed.

5. Muscles grow in response to greater stress, always look to add more weight.

6. Use compound movements for overall strength and size gains to build a solid core; compound movements use multiple muscles at one time. Bench press, barbell squat, dead lift, bent over rows, close-grip chin-up, military press, etc.

7. Use isolation movements for targeting a specific muscle to get maximum size and definition. Isolation exercises use only one muscle at a time, preacher curls, dumbbell curls, triceps extensions, and dumbbell lateral raise, etc.

8. Always use proper form, this will help avoid most injuries and get you maximum results.

9. Eat a proper diet for the fitness goals that you are looking to achieve; your diet is paramount. Without the proper nutrition your just going through the motions.

10. You must continually change your training program or your body will adapt, and progress will stop. Never do the same program for more than a month.

11. Have a plan before each workout; know exactly what you are going to work out, and how.

12. Enter your work out with the proper mindset, don’t just go threw the motions. See it, feel it, want it.

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