Thursday, June 12, 2008

Want better Sex ?

Well for most guys with this problem its about performance, this is one of the reasons Viagra is such a big seller. Poor sexual performance can be attributed to a host of things, lets start with smoking.

If you smoke i cant think of a better reason then this to quit, a recent study of 8000 men shows that a pack a day smoker increases his chance of erectile dysfunction by 40 percent, smoking constricts blood vessels. Add extra fat, alcohol consumption and you could end up being the limpest guy on the block.

Popping a pill isn't the answer, the only thing you are doing is cover up the underlying problem that could end up being a serious health problem in the future. Weight control to diet and exercise is the solution you want to make sure you stay virile in the bedroom.

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The Broken Mans Club said...

you are correct

Anonymous said...

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